iR series Remote I/O

The cMT-iR remote I / O family has been developed by Weintek to integrate perfectly with the cMT-3000 HMI family but can be safely used with any third party PLC / controller compatible with Modbus TCP, CANopen and Ethernet communication systems.

These remote I / Os are characterized by excellent speed performance in cycle time (less than 1ms for some digital modules) determined by the use of a proprietary internal bus called I-BUS. Another fundamental characteristic of the cMT-iR modules is the breadth of range and the characteristics of the individual modules.
The analog and temperature modules, for example, are fully configurable and the signal scaling can be defined directly in the module, thus eliminating management at the PLC level. In addition, an adjustable filter ensures better accuracy even in the presence of noise.

  • Ultra-compact I / O modules with patented fixing system
  • Power Supply 24 Vdc
  • Internal proprietary communication bus I-BUS
  • Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP Adapter
  • Up to 24 inputs and 16 outputs
  • Indication of the I / O status with led
  • Analog I / O modules with user-definable full scale
  • No signal control function
  • Analog input filter
  • Fast conversion mode up to 500us
  • Soft start function on the analog outputs
  • Universal temperature modules support