We are a team of engineers with knowledge and experience, able to offer our customers the most reliable solutions in a wide range of applications, providing them with branded quality products, as well as continuous service and support.

TOSHIBA Inverters

TOSHIBA Inverters with innovative hardware & software design. High quality Japanese technology, Toshiba inverters satisfy the demands of all industrial processes.

LEROY SOMER Electric motors

Robust electric motors, easy to install, highly reliable and efficient. For both standard and special applications/envinronments. LEROY-SOMER is one of the world leaders in powertrains.

MGM Electric brake motors

Electric brake motors made in Italy that meet all modern standards of reliability & quality. Strong and safe brake with high braking torque. Different versions for each application.

SITI Gear reducers

Wide range gear reducers of SITI, using worm, planetary, bevel, bevel-helical technologies, as well as mechanical variable speed units. All manufactured in Italy inside the company to maintain excellent quality and long life.


BREVETTI STANDALTO’s cable chains are designed to meet any requirement for dynamic protection of cables and hoses. Nylon chains, steel chains as well as specific designed, able to withstand the most demanding applications.

PEI Protection bellows

Protection bellows made in Italy by PEI for all types of machine tools. Made of PVC, polyester, polyurethane, Kevlar and more. Operation in a wide range of temperatures. Variety of shapes and designs, suitable for every application.


Our company is a major distributor in  Greece, providing electromechanical equipment, as well as industrial automation systems.

We are official distributors of the largest brands of the world that are well known for their technological superiority. Our company consists of experienced and specialized personnel, capable of providing customers with the most reliable and complete solutions. Moreover we provide quality technical support and competitive prices.

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New HDMI®-enabled unit by Weintek that works with screens of any size, making screen size no longer a limitation in your application. Monitor PLC operations, gather data, and remotely access your control system via the cMT Viewer App on your Apple/Android smart phone or your own tablet/laptop/PC. More…

Kinco MK
New Kinco MK HMI-PLC

The MK HMI-PLC is a new generation HMI-PLC with high compactness and high performance. It is equipped with powerful CPU and supports M-IoT technology to remote download/upload, pass through PLC over the network and many other advanced remote operation functions. In addition, the new DTools programming software makes the MK series a high cost-effective powerful […]

New TOSHIBA Inverter VFAS3 Series

TOSHIBA introduces the new powerful VFAS3 series inverter to the market. It has a new detachable LCD screen with multiple indications and functions, 2 Ethernet ports and Web-Server for remote control and programming, RTC, QRCode errors, security features (SS1-SOS-SS2-SBC-SLS-SDI), special pump control software and much more more features.