GD20 Series

This inverter is the best seller of INVT. With power up to 110KW and sensorless vector control makes it suitable even for the most demanding applications.

GD20 series inverters feature excellent drive and control performance for using of sensorless vector control technology, and improve usability and reliability for the enriched hardware configurations and software functions, meeting different industrial applications. GD20 series 18.5KW~110KW comes standard with built-in DC reactor, 18.5~37KW built-in standard brake unit, 45~110KW optional built-in brake unit, full range of independent air duct design, which improves product reliability and performance, and enhances product competitiveness. Check out some of its unique features below.

  • Power supply: 1x230Vac and 3x380Vac.
  • Power: 0.4-2.2kW 230Vac and 0.75-110kW 380Vac.
  • Function: Sensorless vector control.
  • Output frequency: 0.1-400Hz.
  • 7 multiprogrammable I / O.
  • Up to 3 digital outputs, up to 2 analog inputs and 1 analog output.
  • Built-in DC reactor for sizes over 15KW.
  • Includes braking unit up to 37KW.
  • Automatic timer.
  • PID function.
  • STO SIL 3 or SIL 2 depending on the model.
  • 50kHz pulse train input.
  • Innovative small design, smaller installation space
  • Built-in potentiometer and LED keyboard
  • (detachable on models over 4kW / patch cord connection)
  • Built-in C3 / EMC filter
  • Quick debug function
  • Continuous operation in case of momentary interruption
  • Overload 150% for 60 sec.
  • Built-in network card RS-485 ( Modbus RTU ).

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