• A great power range of servomotors, from 1500 to 5000 rpm with or without brake unit and choice of encoder or high resolution resolver(24000 pps), can answer to any kind of application, where quick and repeated response are required.

    A new and evolved servo drive is used to control the servo motor. The drive unit has a built-on screen for setting and handling the motor. There is a high resolution resolver (24000 pps) or we can choose an absolute 17-bit encoder for positioning. Servo drive can also be provided with RS232 serial port and RJ45 connector for communication with PC. The evolved hardware gives us the chance to reduce the response time in speed and current control

  • HMI-Cloud systems- Industry 4.0

  • PLC-HMI-Servosystems


  • Well-known italian gearbox manyfacturer

  • Ηλεκτροκινητήρες και μειωτήρες γαλλικής κατασκευής

  • MGM is a worldwide well known brake motor manufacturer. Asynchronous three phase motors with AC/DC brake unit, provide the same amount of braking torque in both rotating direction, and they are suitable for applications where precision and quickness in braking are required

    The mechanical design and assembly of the parts of the motor, combined with the safe brake, make MGM motors very reliable. As standard mounting position is B3(foot mounted) and the feet are integrated in the frame, the motor becomes more steady, especially in applications with multiple start/stop. MGM manufactures single or two phases motors, for crane applications, with flywheel for progressive start/stop. There is also the possibility for double brake disc, where we want extremely high braking torque. All motors can be used with inverter and, after requirement, can have built-in encoder.

  • ELTE manufactures high frequency electric motors for processing materials such as wood, plastic, glass, marble and different kinds of light alloys. Producing a great range of motors, for more than 30 years, the company obtained the appropriate know-how and experience to satisfy any kind of requirement customers may have, with reliability and insight.

    These three phase asynchronous motors have a power range 0.05-15kw (6000-40000 rpm) and they have to be powered with high frequency voltage (100-670 Hz). Because of these high frequencies, the materials, the components are made of, must carefully be chosen in order not to have any problem during the process.

    The philosophy of ELTE is to improve the quality of the motors through constant testing to all phases of production.

  • Ηλεκτροκινητήρες ιταλικής κατασκευής

  • CEG is manufacturing asynchronous three phase motor, single or two speed, with or without brake, three phase asynchronous low-center motors with blade disc and asynchronous one phase motors. All products operate excellent, even in low frequencies, where they provide very good torque.

    Focusing and investing in research allows CEG to provide solution to a various range of applications and also to update the quality of products.

  • Since 1960, Brevetti Stendalto has been designing, constructing and providing the international market with plastic cable chains. These products have lower cost than the old steel cable chains. The large range of designs makes them suitable for many kinds of applications, even robotics.

    There are many categories of plastic cable chains, with accessories such as separators, aluminum sheets for cable protection and guiding channels. The sliding series are suitable for large distance applications in order not to use supports. Also the robotic series cable chains can move in three axes.

    Brevetti’s philosophy is «free to project» which means that for every requirement is willing to study it and to give a possible solution.


  • For more than 40 years REIKU specializes exclusively in High Tech Cable Protection Systems. The company’s philosophy is to focus on research and development in order to provide cable protection systems for all needs and requirements the market may possibly have.

  • Η ιταλική εταιρεία CBF, αDC ηλεκτρομειωτήρες Bernio

    DC ηλεκτροκινητήρες Drive-System

    DC ηλεκτροέμβολα OSLV

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